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Shenandoah Valley Campground Rules & Regulations


One night’s deposit is required to secure your reservation.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

1. Refunds on deposits will only be made if reservation is cancelled
    10 or more days prior to the arrival date, less a $10 cancellation
     service fee.
2. Cancellations made less than 10 days from arrival date will forfeit
     entire deposit.
3. Sorry, since camping is an outdoor experience, no refunds will be
    given due to the discomforts of Mother Nature.

* You may request a specific campsite, camping cabin or on-site rental camper, and we will do our best to accommodate your request, but, we reserve the option and the right to reassign as necessary at any time, and therefore we will not guarantee specific campsites.

* If we must reassign a site for you, we will keep groups together, and you will be reassign a site with the requested hook-ups.

  • Petiquette:
    Although they're your best friend and you can't imagine camping without them. Next door to you might be a camper who can't imagine camping with a dog or worse is deathly afraid of dogs. (You know, like you feel about spiders or snakes.) In a spirit of cooperation we ask that you and your pooch abide by the following rules:

    • Keep pet on leash no longer than four feet and under control at all times. Pets that are unruly or display aggressive behavior will need to leave.
    • Pets should never be left unattended (that means in RVs, tents, cars, campsites, etc.) This tends to make them bark or dig which is unacceptable behavior.
    • Clean up after your pet whether on your site, along the road, around the lake, in the woods, etc. (Why clean up even in the woods? We want to encourage the wildlife to stay around. Doggy scents can repel the native animals.)
    • Do not put dog droppings in the fire rings.
    • Pets are not allowed in any building.
    • Pets are not allowed in playground or swimming area.
  • Visitors:
    Your visitors are welcome, but since they too will be enjoying our facilities, we have the following requirements:

    • All visitors must stop and register at the office before entering the campground whether in their vehicle or yours.
    • Visitors must park in the "extra vehicle" parking area.
    • Visitors are not allowed to bring pets to the campground.
    • Visitors must abide by the same rules as registered campers.
    • Registered campers are responsible for the actions of their visitors.
    • Campers will be charged a visitors fee each day of their visit.
    • No visitors will be admitted after 9 p.m. any day.
  • Check-in, check-out, curfew:

    • Check in time is 2 p.m. Check-out 12 noon.
    • If planning to extend your stay, please reregister by 11 a.m.
    • Curfew is 10:30 p.m. At this time everyone must be on their campsite.
    • Quiet time is from 10:30 p.m. until 7 a.m. Please be respectful of others.
  • Rabbits, ducks, squirrels, etc.
    This is their home. Please enjoy them with respect.

    • Do not chase or allow your children to chase any animal.
    • Do not throw rocks or any other object at or allow your children to throw rocks or any other object at any animal.
    • Do not attempt to handle the animals.
  • Campsites:

    • Do not exceed 5 mph through the campground. We have many children camping with us and we must all protect them.
    • Do not go the wrong way on one way roads.
    • One unit per site
    • Do not turn backwards on sites
    • Do not exchange sites without permission from management.
    • Do not move picnic tables.
    • Do not move fire grills.
    • Stay with your campfire. Do not leave it unattended at any time.
    • Place trash in containers throughout the campground.
    • Don't put trash in the fire grills.
    • Dishwashing can be done in laundry or sink located outside of upper bathhouse.
  • General:

    • Please accompany your children while they are at the bathrooms, hot tubs, pool, and playground. You are responsible for their safety.
    • Do not cut or deface any tree. Trees are to enjoy, not destroy.
    • Do not climb on the waterfall.
    • Metal detectors are not allowed.
    • Four wheelers are not allowed.
    • Fireworks are not allowed.
    • Weapons of any kind are not allowed.
    • Generators are not allowed without permission from the management.
  • Alcohol:

    • Alcoholic drinks must be covered by a koozie/can holder or in a cup.
    • No coolers in the pavilion.
  • Hot tubs:

    • Hours are by season.
    • Use at your own risk.
    • No food, drink, or alcohol allowed.
    • Adult supervision required.
    • Shower before entering.
    • No cut-off jeans.
    • Bathing suits required.
    • No smoking
    • No pets in or near hot tubs
    • Be considerate of others.
    • Management assumes no responsibility for accidentss or property damage.
  • Pool:

    • Hours 10a.m. till dusk.
    • Swim at your own risk.
    • No food, drink, alcohol or any glass containers allowed.
    • Adult supervision required.
    • No running or horseplay.
    • No diving.
    • Don't put chairs in water.
    • Shower before entering.
    • No cut-off jeans.
    • No smoking
    • No pets in or near pool
    • Be considerate of others.
    • Management assumes no responsibility for accidentss or property damage.
  • Golf Carts:

    • No gasoline powered golf carts.
    • Office must approve any golf cart.
    • Golf carts must be registerd at the office.
    • Golf cart drivers must have a valid drivers license.
    • Golf carts must be kept on graveled roads and/or paved roads.
    • No golf carts on grassy areas.
    • Golf carts must remain on your campsite after dark.
    • Special use permits available.
    • Campground assumes no responsibility caused by or to golf carts.
  • Satellite TV Stations:
    Make sure TV is set on cable and do the auto programming for channels and turn off Booster Box.
    TV connection on electric box (follow arrows).

    •   3 - ABC
    •   6 - CBS
    •   7 - NBC
    •   8 - Comcast Sports
    •   9 - USA
    • 10 - FX.
    • 11 - Cartoon Network
    • 12 - Fox
    • 15 - Spike
    • 18 - TNT
    • 20 - CMT
    • 21 - TBS
    • 22 - The Weather Channel
    • 24 - ESPN
    • 26 - Speed
    • 28 - Lifetime Network
    • 30 - HBO Family

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