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Submitted by Comments:
Name: David Hines
From: Suffolk,Va
This camping facilty in the best place for family fun.We love to come every year.Our kids can play with other children without any worries.We will be back in Late summer or fall.This will make our 4th year of visiting.
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Name: Scott&KatieFitzgerald
From: Verona,Va.
Our family has been coming to this campground for about five years. We have 4 children ages from 15 down to 3 years old. This is one place we all can always agree on going. It is a perfect weekend get-a-way for us. Duke and Tina and the staff always acknowledge us and are right there if we need any help. We are eagerly awaiting spring to arrive so we can camp and see our friends at the campground and kick off another wonderful season!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Zach Simmions
I love Danny !!! he is the best ever and I hope he is there this summer. So we can get to know you. I love with all my heart !!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Sara Klotter
From: Good ol Greene County
I love this campground it is soooooooooo fun i love the activitys that u put on!!!the people that work there r so nice and kind hop i get to see yall in april
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Name: Caitlyn Sacre
From: Greene County Virginia
Dear Duke and Tina and all the workers ,

I love your campground !! I think it is the best ever it is the only campground we have been to and we have been camping for omost 4 years. We would not want to go anywhere else. The people who work at the campground are very nice. You guys probaly remember us . i am one of the girls that always run around. I can not wait till the campground opens up again beacuse it is hard not going camping there. I love you guys and hopefully i will see yall in April !!!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Michael & Karen Baker & family
This was my wife's first time camping ,we stayed in a tent and our two teenagers stayed in their tent.We also had an air mattress that would leak,it was cold at night,we woke up the first and there was frost on the tent,the placed that we stayed was for R/Vs but we had tents,no other place close enough with power,the girls went tubing and one lost her flip flop but the other felt like she was on a Rescue to get the shoe,We had so much fun,my wife was amazed that the people are so friendly we cooked with fire place and propane stove,the Hay ride was fun to see my girls having fun until a piece of candy hit one of the girls in the face hard.This time it will be me and the Baby and Mom on the Hay ride.Can not wait to go we will see you in about a week from now.See Yah.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Morris family & Nichols family
Just wanted to say "thank you" for a wonderful camping experience. This was our first time at your campground and it was a treat. We enjoyed the DJ on Saturday, the campsite was very nice, we enjoyed the river, but mostly enjoyed the beauty and sitting around the camp fire in the evenings! Your campground was recommended by a friend and I can say that we plan on returning!
Thanks again and see you soon!
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Carol Rumble
I don't have a memory to share. Just wanted to share, though, how wonderful we think your campground is. We live in PA and wish it would be closer as to visit a lot more often. I took a college English class this fall, and your campground was my inspiration for a descriptive writing assignment. I attached it to share with you.

"Descriptive Essay Revision
October 15, 2007
Spectacular Vacation Spot
My favorite vacation spot is a small campground in Staunton, Virginia. The campground is nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, at the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains, so named Shenandoah Valley KOA (Campgrounds of America). This campground is a spectacular place to spend a vacation.
Just less than fifteen minutes from the hustle and bustle of Interstate 81 lies this stunning campground, transporting someone to what feels like a world away. Coming off the Interstate highway, we travel through the rural town of Staunton. The town is rather small, having one grocery store, two gas stations, one hardware store, and two fast food restaurants. Just past the post office, we turn on to a small, windy road just large enough for two campers to pass each other carefully. The road winds its way to the top of the hill, entering a forest filled with everything nature has to offer.
An opening in the trees on the left leads to the road into the campground. The road is paved with blacktop, and is covered like an umbrella by long reaching tree branches and a multitude of leaves. Then, all of a sudden, the trees open up. To the left is a grassy, green hill. When the wind blows the grass on the hill bows to the breeze, resembling ripples on the ocean. From here on summer days, the rays of sunlight that glisten off the clear, refreshing water in the swimming pool can be seen. Also, the laughter of children either cooling off in the pool, or playing in the playground can be heard. The road continues to curve around the hill, past more trees, and on into the campground.
At the entrance to the campground lies a fishing lake. Surrounding the lake usually sits a father and son with fishing pole in hand, enjoying time together. Ducks float upon the lake without a care in the world. When they tire of the lake its amusing to watch them waddle back and forth as they cross the road on their way to the river, or into the campground looking for a handout of food.
Visitors do not have to go far to be greeted by some bunnies. There are tame, domesticated rabbits, almost every color of the rainbow and too numerous to count, that live at the campground. They can be found in the grass, in the road, under cars, and under the camping units. Just about anywhere someone will find a multi-color fuzz ball hopping around, followed very closely by a little child with food in hand.
The campground is not only nestled in this valley, it also sits snuggly in the horse shoe curve of the Middle River. This lazy river runs alongside the campground for a mile and a half. Many bring inner tubes, or rent one from the store, and enjoy a relaxing float on the tranquil river. At the upper end of the campground the river is only a few feet wide, and barely deep enough to float on. As the river winds its way alongside the campground, it gradually gets deeper and wider. The river is wide enough for someone to stand in the middle and cast out a fishing line. It is deep enough for that fishing line, but still shallow enough for young children to stand in the middle of the stream.
On the opposite bank of the river lies a rock cliff. The cliff is covered with lush greenery so thick that the rocks can barely be seen. At one point, through the wooded scenery flows a dazzling waterfall. The white, flowing water cascades from one rock to another getting stronger and wider on each rock it hits. What a breathtaking view this is. The sound of the rushing water is calming and peaceful. The streaming water eventually mixes with the laid-back water of the lazy river and flows off to a far away place.
This campground with its picturesque view is a wonderful spot. Visitors can leave their busy lives at home and feel as if they were transported to another world. It is a peaceful, tranquil place to enjoy the beauty of nature. It truly is a spectacular place to vacation."
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Richard G. Moore
We stayed on June 22-24th, 2007, with our two daughters and a friend of theirs. We stayed in a camper next to the camp store. We thought the foot traffic might be a problem but actually it was enjoyable meeting people walking by our site [13-A]. We stayed in a tent down by the waterfall two Octobers ago and had so much fun. We enjoyed ourselves just as much this time, too. Our girls even gathered up the courage to sing Karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights. The singing and dancing is so much fun to watch. God bless you for putting together such a great get-a-way for families! Well be back!

Richard G. Moore
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: chris
From: va
I'm anxiously awaiting the activities information for 2009. I see the website is not updated as of yet. Can't wait to see the schedule to make some reservations for this year!!
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